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Don't Forget To Schedule Your Jewelry

We want to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and to remind you how important it can be to schedule your personal jewelry. You may be buying your loved ones a new ring, necklace, or watch but unless you schedule them on your policy the coverage may be limited.

A typical property insurance policy may only provide jewelry coverage with a sublimit of $1,500 TOTAL for all the jewelry you own. When you schedule a piece of jewelry on your policy, you can insure your jewelry based on its cost or appraised value, rather than limiting the coverage.

An engagement ring, wedding ring, watch or necklace can be expensive. Scheduling them can protect your investment and give you peace of mind.

Even if you’re careful, life has a way of serving up surprises. Your ring could slide down the kitchen sink while washing dishes, get swept away in the waves at the beach, get stolen, or even eaten by the family dog. (Trust us – we’ve seen it all.)

Please contact us today if you want to discuss your policy or schedule any jewelry.

Linda Ferguson

Lindsay Daigh

Torin Subin

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