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Surety Bonds

Our professional surety bond department is dedicated to guiding you through the bonding process.  Our goal is to establish and foster a great relationship between your business and a surety company.  


As a surety professional we offer sound business advice and technical expertise to nurture and grow a surety program tailored to your needs.

We can write a variety of bonds for our Insurance Clients.  If you want to discuss moving your Insurance and Bond program to The Hartwell Corporation, please contact us today. 

3 Basic Types of Contract Surety Bonds
  • Bid Bond - provides that the bid is issued in good faith and that the contractor will provide the required performance and payment bonds if provided a contract. 


  • Performance Bond - provides protection to the owner from financial loss should the contractor fail to perform the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions.


  • Payment Bond - provides assures that the contractor will pay specified subcontractors, laborers and suppliers on the project.

Qualifying for Contract Surety Support

To begin the process of determining your qualifying surety bond support we will need the following information:

We will also need:


  • 3 years of Business Financial Statements or tax returns

  • Current Personal Financial Statement on each owner

  • Verification of bank line of credit (if available)

  • Personal resumes or prior job references

Surety Bond Orientation

Surety Bonds can be difficult to understand if you are a new to them.  NASBP as put together a Surety learning course that will introduce you to the basics of bonding and what is needed to achieve surety credit.    


10 Keys to Success for a Contractor

Surety underwriters perform rigorous analysis and offer surety backing if, in their judgment, the contractor possesses the necessary character and has the resources and ability to perform their contractual obligations.


  • Adequate Working Capital

  • Appropriate Capital Structure

  • Sound Business Plan

  • Bank Credit

  • Motivated Team of Quality Personnel

  • Good Estimating and Cost Accounting Systems

  • Timely Financial Reports

  • Good Financial Controls

  • Continuity of Ownership and Management

  • Backlog of Profitable Work

Commercial & Court Surety Bonds

In addition to our construction focus, our partnerships, surety skill and industry knowledge enable us to provide the following services:


  • Commercial Surety- We deliver a wide range of license, notary, public official and tax obligation bonds.


  • Court and Probate Bonds- We provide quick turnaround and innovative solutions for our current clients and Law Firms.

Building Plans for Surety


      9 Common Reasons for Contractor Failure

Thousands of contracting firms fail every year.  Going through the surety prequalification process can reduce the likelihood of failure.  The vast majority of projects fail not because the contractor couldn't perform the work, but because they ran out of money.


  • Project Size Increase

  • Geographic Unfamiliarity

  • New Types or Sectors of Construction

  • Key Personnel Replacement

  • Managerial Experience Immaturity (Time in Position)

  • Overextension of Resources

  • Subcontractor Failure

  • Non-payment by the Owner or Obligee

  • Lack of Continuity for the Business

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