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Do you know what to do at the scene of an auto accident?

It’s that time of year again and as the weather changes so do road conditions. Picture yourself driving your kids to school. You come to the intersection that you have stopped at a hundred times but this time your car doesn’t stop. The road is covered in ice and you slide through the stop, right into another car that was already going though. Luckily no one is hurt but your mind is already racing on what to do. Is your liability card in the car? Did you bring your license? What information do you need to gather?

At The Hartwell Corporation, we want everyone to travel safely but some accidents can’t be avoided. Hopefully we can help reduce the stress after an accident.

You can prepare in advance by keeping a current liability card and an Auto Accident Report sheet in your vehicle. The Accident Report sheet includes helpful tips such as:

Tips on what to do in case of an accident:

  • Stop immediately but don’t obstruct traffic. Pull far enough out of the way to avoid further accidents.

  • Assist the Injured and call the police.

  • Secure names, phone numbers, and addresses of other drivers, witnesses and passengers.

  • Get the name, model and license numbers of all cars that were involved in the accident including their insurance information

  • Don’t hastily accept claim settlements at the scene of the accident or admit fault.

  • Complete the below Auto Accident Report

  • Notify your insurance agent.

And places to write details on the accident that will be needed to file your claim:

  • Accident Location, Date and Time

  • Description of Accident

  • Damage to Your Vehicle

  • Damage to Other Property

  • If anyone was Injured

  • Damage to Other Vehicles

Photos of the accident can also be helpful.

Here is the link to the Auto Accident Report. Please feel free to place the Auto Accident Report in your vehicles whether you are insured at The Hartwell Corporation or not.

If you are insured at The Hartwell Corporation, please call to advise us of any accident you are involved in. We can help you navigate the claim process and reduce your stress. We are here to help and are always happy to answers your questions.

Eileen Braden – Idaho Falls Claims Representative

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