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Teen Driver Safety

Teen Driver Safety:

What to know and what you can do

Distracted driving puts everyone is at risk.

Distracted driving concerns everyone on the road. As technology continues to be infused in our cars, drivers are more comfortable with smart car technology such as blind spot sensors and automatic braking. As comfort levels grow, drivers are becoming more relaxed behind the wheel.

You're never too old to buckle up. old to buckle up.

According to Traffic Safety Marketing, teens buckle up less frequently than adults do. In 2013, over half of teens killed in crashes weren’t wearing a seat belt. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data also reports that as children get older, they are less likely to want to buckle up. Parents should lead by example and reinforce the notion throughout the years.

Just say no to drinking and driving.

Minimum drinking age laws save lives every day, yet those laws are still ignored and many pay the price for it. Twenty-nine percent (29%) of young drivers [5 to 20 years old] killed in crashes in 2013 had alcohol in their systems, despite being too young to legally purchase or possess alcohol.

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