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Protecting your Home While Traveling

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When you are headed out on vacation, take the time to review these tips on how to minimize risk to your home and belongings while you are away.

Summertime security do's and don'ts:

  • Don’t broadcast your whereabouts. Don’t reveal your plans on social media or provide a running online commentary of your travel activities. Criminals lurk online and are all too eager to burgle a home when they know its residents are away.

  • Warn your children not to share vacation or travel plans with friends. And don’t leave voice messages on home or cell phones that say when you’ll be away.

  • Make your house look “normal” and “lived in”:

  • If a car is normally outside, leave it outside and have a friend parked it differently from time to time.

  • Keep the lawn mowed and watered.

  • Put a hold on mail and newspapers.

  • Use timers on your lights to go off at usual times.

Secure your contents:

  • Add a motion light outside.

  • Lock windows and use a wooden dowel in the track for extra security.

  • Let the security company know when the home will be vacant.

  • Disconnect the garage door opener.

  • Move fine jewelry to the safe deposit box.

  • Don’t leave house keys inside the house.

  • Always use deadbolts.

Minimize the potential for damage:

  • Shut off water lines before you leave.

  • Make sure washing machines, dryers and dishwashers are turned off.

  • Have a trusted neighbor or friend do a walk through every few days.

  • Consider a house sitter to watch over your home.

Also review with your insurance agent to see if your home is insured to value is if there are any added overages you should consider such as replacement cost on your belongings or a business rider if you operate a home business.

Contact us today for a quote on your home or auto.

Property Casualty 360 – May 31, 2017

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