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Are you heading out on a road trip?

Are you and your family heading out on a road trip? Summer is the perfect time to explore the country and on average 45% of Americans take a summer vacations. Popular destinations in the summer include beaches, large cities, national parks and lakes.

You can reduce your risk by planning in advance. Before you go review this list to increase your family’s safety:

  • Check the maintenance of your vehicle including the air pressure and other fluids to make sure it is in prime condition.

  • Have the tires inspected before you leave. Each year over 11,000 collisions are caused by tire blowouts and flats.

  • Review the area you are visiting online for areas to avoid and map out your route in advance.

  • If you encounter a work zone, be respectful and use caution to avoid a collision.

  • For longer trips, stop often to refresh and don’t drive if you are too tired.

  • Keep valuables in the trunk or out of sight to avoid break-ins.

  • If traveling with children review the route for rest stops and don’t let them go to the bathroom alone.

  • Remember not to leave children and pets locked in the car. Temperatures inside a car and reach into the 100s quickly.

  • Check the weather along the route and your destination to prepare for storms.

  • Keep a roadside accident kit in your trunk that includes items such as a flashlight, jumper cables, gloves, and reflectors.

  • Don’t let your gas tank get too low thinking you will make it. It is better to stop than be stranded.

  • If you are taking your pet remember their needs too such as food and water.

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