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Are You Planning a Vacation?

Updated: Apr 5

Going on vacation should be relaxing and stress-free, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Mishaps can happen to anyone whether it is losing your wallet or coming home to some water damage. Here are a few simple tips to hopefully make your next vacation a little safer:

  • Before you leave home:

  • Make copies of all the important information you are taking with you such as IDs, medical insurance cards and credit cards in case your wallet is lost. Leave them at home in a safe place.

  • Have someone pickup your mail and newspaper or request they be put on hold.

  • Prepare by getting to know the area you are going to visit and what the weather is going to be like.

  • Check to make sure appliances that are not being used are unplugged.

  • Consider turning your water off to avoid any fridge or dish washer supply line water damage.

  • Lock and secure all your doors and windows before you leave.

  • While on vacation:

  • If driving always park in well-lit areas and keep it locked with your valuables out of sight.

  • Stay alert and be observant of those around you.

  • Ask your hotel if there are any areas around that you should avoid.

  • Try to avoid sharing too much online – Posting photos on social media may be fun but it could alert others that your home is vacant.

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