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Our Story: The Hartwell Corporation

For more than 55 years, The Hartwell Corporation has been dedicated to developing effective insurance, surety bond, and risk management programs for its clients’ business, professional, and personal needs. Our continued growth and success has been a product of our emphasis on sound insurance fundamentals and superior service to our many customers.

Our Values Were Instilled at the Beginning:

The Hartwell Corporation was founded by Ralph M. Hartwell in 1963 as an independent insurance agency. Since then, the company has grown steadily through a combination of internal production and external agency acquisitions. Today, The Hartwell Corporation is one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Idaho with offices in Idaho Falls, Caldwell, and Boise. From our founding, we were instilled with the values of professionalism by promoting ethical standards of Integrity, Honesty, and Fairness. We strive to promote our values in everything that we do.

Employee-Owned Since 2012:

In 2012, Ralph Hartwell sold The Hartwell Corporation to its employees. As an Employee-Owned company, we understand that each of us has the power to shape our own future. We believe in conducting all our affairs so that we retain control of our destiny and take pride in all our endeavors. We want our customers to succeed and know it takes a partnership for both parties to grow. We strive to build long term relationships based on common values and mutual respect with our customers, companies, and fellow employees.

Dedicated to the Community:

As Employee-Owners, we are committed to serving our local communities. We understand that by giving back to our communities, we can help build a better place for everyone. One of our company values is community service and we strive to give back a portion of our time, talents and profits.

Committed to Managing Risk & Reaching Goals:

Our mission at The Hartwell Corporation is to provide our clients with superior products and services to assist in managing their risk and reaching their goals. As an independent insurance agency, we have access to many insurance companies and can navigate the insurance market with your interests at heart. We want to see our clients succeed and make it our mission to help you reach your goals.

If you want this level of support from your insurance agent, please call one of our agencies today for a quote.

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