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Surviving the East Idaho Eclipse Crowd – August 21, 2017

As with any big event, it is good to be prepared. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the eclipse this August.

  • Get your grocery shopping done about a week or more ahead of time. Not only will you beat the crowds, but this gives our stores time to restock.

  • Pick up your prescriptions and/or medical supplies early.

  • Get doctor/dentist appointments out the way. It will start getting crowded the Thursday prior to the eclipse and could remain busy until the following Wednesday.

  • Conserve energy by unplugging appliances you are not using and do laundry, use dishwashers, etc. at low peak hours.

  • Conserve water by not watering your lawn or using extra water during this weekend.

  • Be prepared for slow internet – you might not be able to stream Netflix at peak times!

  • Fill you gas tanks

  • Get cash (ATM’s might run out or be hindered by slow internet).

  • Overall, supplies will be limited and high demand may mean you can’t get all the things you need or want.

  • Traffic will be heavy and lines for food and in stores will be long, so exercise patience.

  • Once the Eclipse begins, you forget the crowds and any small inconveniences it took for you to experience this wondrous event

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