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Tips on Discouraging Break-ins:

Did you know a burglary in the US occurs every 15 seconds and about 28% of the time a member of the family is home during the burglary? You may be concerned for your valuables but being a victim of a burglary can also be emotionally devastating whether you are home or not. Your personal space has been invaded and you are left with feelings of disbelief, shock, anger and fear. Although there isn’t a direct way to prevent a burglary from occurring, there are a few ways to discourage one:

  • Have deadbolt locks installed on all outside doors. Deadbolts make it more difficult to gain access through the door. In fact, 33% of all intruders enter through the front door.

  • While on vacation, avoid posting photos that display you are away.

  • Use electrical timers to turn lamps on and off while you are away making it look like someone is home.

  • Owning a dog can be a good deterrent. Dogs of all shapes and sizes can be a good protector not only for your home but for your family.

  • Install a Home Security System. There are many systems available today that can be installed by you and let you design what you want protected.

  • Trim tall shrubs and overgrown trees that can be welcome hiding places for burglars. Also a well lit property can help keep them from sneaking around.

  • Secure your sliding door by laying a rod in the track. Most sliding doors have simple latches that can be bypassed. A simple rod can keep the door from opening.

  • And finally before you leave lock all your doors and windows.

Obtaining proper homeowners insurance can also give you greater peace of mind in protecting your valuables. If you would like us to quote your home please contact us today.

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